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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretty by Jillian Lauren


•Pub. Date: August 2011
•Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
•Format: Paperback , 288pp

eARC recevied from Netgalley for review.


Bebe Baker is an ex-everything: ex-stripper, ex-Christian, ex-drug addict, ex-pretty girl.

It's been one year since the car accident that killed her boyfriend left her scarred and shaken. Flanked by an eccentric posse of friends, she is serving out a self-imposed sentence at a halfway house, while trying to finish cosmetology school. Amid the rampant diagnoses, over-medication, compulsive eating, and acrylic nails of Los Angeles, Bebe looks for something to believe in before something--her past, the dangerously magnetic men in her life, her own bad choices--knocks her off course again.

It has a promising start. The scene was Bebe and her then boyfriend Aaron was in a bar playing pool, high as kite. Aaron was a musician and Bebe fell in love with him and followed him everywhere. Nothing went as planned and she became an addict and a stripper. That fateful night Aaron died in a car accident. Bebe ended up in a halfway house in LA where she is studying cosmetology to give her some skills when she gets released. She met another questionable character as her new boyfriend, Jake; a paranoid schizo, who thinks he is Jesus. It was both weird and fascinating to read. I got bored a little reading stuff about nail care and its procedures but omitting those parts about cosmetology school, I was left curious on what bebe would do next. Bebe's past life flashback was a wonderful idea in this book. It explains and made me understand her colorful personality and the choices that she made in her life. It made me wonder is she would ever get past her issues and give a better future to ther person at the end of the story. I am impressed with Lauren's writing and hope to read more of her work.

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