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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Clinique Touch Base for Eyes

No smearing, no fading, no creasing. Stays on until washed off. Versatile, creamy formula can be worn alone or layered under other eye shadows to give them more staying power. Acts as a holding base for powder shadow, helps it last longer. Ophthalmologist tested.
I do not put on eyeshadow as an everyday thing. I only wear them when I go out. Eye make up is just too much for me to put on every morning. So I was in search for a natural looking shade than I can easily apply on my eyelids. CAnother important feature that I am looking for is the "no creasing" formula, since I have oily eyelids. Clinique Touch base for Eyes is the perfect one. It is oil free, long lasting and it does not crease as promised. I got the Nude Rose color which gave my lids a natural color with just a hint of pink. I use my ring finger as an applicator.

Another pro and con about this product is it dries up easily. So when you apply it you are good to go but if you left the lid slightly ajar, it dries up fast also, so make sure it is close tight or make sure you keep the foil piece to help seal the moisture.

Macy's - $14.50

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