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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing about TV: Shameless

With a new bundle of joy in hand, I couldn't really read comfortably. It has been exactly 3 months and 18 days since I last read sometime for fun. So I substitute reading for watchign television, and boy did I watch television! I got totally caught up with Jaxx and the Samcro gang. Finished, Prison Break in two weeks, all episodes of Downton Abbey, Merlin and Fringe. All that thanks to Netflix, the lightweight Kindle Fire and the best buy ever... Samsung Blue Ray with WiFi capability. After exhausting all episode of said shows I begun to panic. "What in the world am I going to watch now?"After two weeks of aimless tv show search I finally found it or should I say them...
Frank Gallagher and his dysfunctional family was the main attraction of my paid family leave vacation when my cute little bundle of joy is snoozing. Jersey Shores got nothing on this kids. William H. Macy shows off his spectacular acting skills in this series. I finally saw a different side of Emmy Rossum on tv and seriously WTF?! the situations and the way they live in reminds me on how people in my old country survives. I am engrossed and highly entertained. I love love love this show.

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