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Monday, March 26, 2012

Thoughts on Hunger Games movie

After much anticipation, I finally saw the Hunger Games yesterday. I was planning to bring the 10 year old but people threw a fit around me and told me that it is not for kids, too much violence , kids killing kids, weird setting, blah, blah, blah.
First off those comments made me mad. I've been avoiding blogosphere and review sites because I want to see it for myself, no clouded judgement, no expectations. Second, why the hell did people think I needed a summary for this movie after I numerously told them that I am a fan and I've read the book a bunch of times. Third, a non-fan comment about how the movie suck or the questions of why would an author write such a book? Seriously? Someone even told me that he like John Carter better! Because it was just more entertaining!!! How can you even compare?  I don't know if I  wanted to laugh or throw something at him. I get that people have different taste, and diferent opinions on what works and what won't work for them. But to focus on just one element in a 2 hour and 22 minutes of a movie is just plain ridiculous.

Let's look at the violence level of the movie. Book much more graphic and violent. Movie version, water downed and appropriately censored for PG-13 standards. Did not work good for me. Why didn't they just rate it as R18 so we got all the good stuff? Anyway...Then there is this major concern mostly from parents about. "Kids killing kids for food" That was all they got from it. The other element like bravery, compassion, hope, family and standing up for what you believe in, totally when out the door. I think the haters will eat their words once they see Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

The characters who played the roles. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss? Had my doubts, she looks awful in dark brown hair but she aced playing Katniss. After the reaping scene I was sold. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? Great choice, I want it to be played by Alexander Ludwig (the guy that played Cato) but after his interview with Ceasar Flickerman, I saw why they chose Josh. The dilemma, as most adaptations do, the personality and traits of each characters were not shown fully due to time limitation.

The images of Panem? and other key players? District 12 is what I am expecting it to look like. Gray and miserable. Capitol is what I am hoping for as well. Colorful, indulgent, shallow, grand and futuristic. Cinna rocking the gold eyeliner, Seneca with his intricate beard, Effie Trinket looking like Bjork, excellent! Donald Sutherland as President Snow, gave me the goosebumps. I could not wait to see how he'll play the horrors and tyranny on the 2 next movies.

Glad I finally got this off my chest. I get riled up everytime a movie that I've been waiting for gets released and I hear negative comments from people who just watched it to see what the hype is all about. It lis like Sheldon Cooper exasperated by Penny's comments about Star Trek. haha

*photos are not mine just copied off google.

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