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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Accidental it Girl by Libby Street

Genre: Romatic Comedy/ Chick Lit/Fiction
Release: Pocket Books; Original edition (October 10, 2006)
Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Services
Buy the Book: Amazon

What comes around...

Photographer Sadie Price is known for her thick skin and infallible instincts. A lofty education has made her skilled in her craft, and a fear of poverty -- and love for Jimmy Choo -- has made her one of the East Coast's most savvy paparazzi. She keeps her exhilarating but sometimes hectic life manageable by staying on the right side of the razor-thin line between celebrity photographers and the stalkerazzi. But all that changes when Sadie locks horns with one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors.

...goes around.

Something about Ethan Wyatt's charisma and startling good looks throws Sadie off her game. Something about Sadie's dogged determination -- and a very compromising picture she snaps -- throws Ethan off his. Hatching a scheme befitting the silver screen that made him famous, Ethan sets out to give Sadie a taste of her own medicine. And when her life almost instantly becomes as frenzied as those of the "It Girls" she follows, Sadie starts to see her career, her love life, and Ethan Wyatt in ways she never had before....
Libby Street is one of my favorite chick lit authors. Happiness Sold Separately is one of their books that I probably read a couple of times because it felt good to read it. Its been a while since I read a book from them so I decided to finally read the Accidental It Girl, the summary promised a very intriguing plot that involves a paparazzi and a celebrity. In the real world their interaction can end up in accidents, cursing, slewof insults, legal battles, etc. In this story our heroine, Sadie Price is the paparazzi being taught a lesson, a very inconvenient, embarassing yet eye opening experience. The person giving said lesson, Ethan Wyatt, described as one of the hottest movie stars, who got caught in a scandal involving two sisters.

I was into it up until I felt like Sadie decides to sulk. I call it that because instead of taking advantage of the situation she was so caught up on who was behind all the crazy rumor. I mean she could have turn the whole thing to her advantage. I don't know I just feel like there was something missing, even the ending, that was it? It was that simple? No mention where Sadie finally flourish into a photographer that she really is? I am a little disappointed to be honest. It lacked spark that Happiness Sold Separately have.

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